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Supersize your Iowa State Fair Budget

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Pricey can be one word to describe the Iowa State Fair. Good news, you can still enjoy the sites and tastes of the fair on a budget! Try these money saving tips to get more bang for your buck.

Bargain HunterRides at the Iowa State Fair

There are thousands of options for free entertainment, food on a stick and rides at the Iowa State Fair. It offers something for everyone to enjoy. Each year the Iowa State Fair releases a schedule of events and a list of new foods to try. Discover the opportunities at the Iowa State Fair’s website or app and map out your must see stops. Then plan ahead to keep your wallet happy.

  • Purchase your admission tickets in advance
  • Take advantage of daily deals – Veterans and visitors over the age of 60 get in free on special days
  • Park for free and travel to the fair by bus with Park & Ride by DART
  • Buy fair bundle packages for rides, food, drinks, contests and more before the first day of the fair
  • Take advantage of free entertainment and wacky contests
  • Bring an empty water bottle and fill it at refillable water stations
  • Check out the $4 or less food list

Food JunkieFood on a stick

Food is one of the main attractions at the Iowa State Fair. Walk through the front gate and you immediately get a whiff of corn dogs, cheese curds and a savory turkey leg. Is your mouth watering yet?  With almost 200 options, the food is endless!

Download the Food Finder App and the list of food is at your fingertips all day long. Keep in mind, food portions at the fair are HUGE. Decide what sounds good and share! What a great opportunity to indulge in even more delicious options and save a few dollars.

Starting this year, the food vendors are now accepting debit cards! Nervous about using your debit card around thousands of people? Download a Mobile Banking App and keep track of your purchases during and after the fair.


Enjoy the thrill of the Iowa State Fair with more confidence and stay within budget this year. Start planning ahead for your fair adventure.

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