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Champion Steaks began as an idea to brand local meat and processing. It started as a pass-through company. In 2021, they decided to make a push into retail and open a store front. Kevin and Iowa State Savings Bank was their first stop when deciding to purchase their property. Read as partners Chad Rieck and Kyle Weaver describe the history of Champion Steaks and how they chose Iowa State Savings Bank.

Everything I do is at ISSB. It's a one stop shop for me."We are just cattlemen like everyone else. Champion Steaks began in 2016 when Kyle and Weaver Meats suggested that we sell beef as a third-party label. I talked to our partners Dave Rieck and Wayne Lentz, and together with Kyle Weaver, we started the Champion Steaks brand.

In 2021, we sold three times as many beefs as we’ve ever done. We decided that was the time to make the push into retail and open a store front. This property came available and we talked to Kevin at the bank. We have great relationships with the bank, so I knew we were going to Iowa State Saving Bank for Champion Steaks.

Everything I do is at Iowa State Savings Bank from personal finances, the farm, KSIB, and now Champion Steaks. From my standpoint, it’s easier to have everything at one spot. It’s more comfortable. You know who you’re working with, they’re local people, and they understand the things that we are going through. They are there to help grow our businesses both commercially and ag. 

It’s trusting your lender, knowing you can bounce ideas off of them, and knowing they are always there for you. When growing your business, you want to think that skies the limit. The bank understands that building a business is a process and you have to take one step at a time. That’s what I’ve always appreciated about Iowa State Savings Bank. They’re as good of a partner as you can have.” - Chad Rieck, Co-Owner of Champion Steaks

“I learned at a young age from my grandfather to bank with all the local banks. If you don’t use everybody local, it doesn’t help our communities.” - Kyle Weaver, Co-Owner of Champion Steaks

“Beef is the number one protein that is the most accessible right here in Iowa. Our feeling about beef and how we came up with the champion brand is that it doesn’t matter if the beef is in the show ring or on the dinner plate, it’s a winner every time. Everything that we are putting through the store now is all Iowa raised and we are proud of that.” 

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