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Is It Time to Switch Banks?

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Changing banks seems hard. But with Iowa State Savings Bank, it's worth it. We'll help you through the entire process! Contact us and we will make the switch to Iowa State Savings Bank convenient for you. 

Open Account

Make the Switch

1.  Choose the ISSB Checking or Savings account that's best for you

2.  Open your new account online in minutes! 

3.  Switch your automatic transactions

  • Contact companies and financial institutions that handle your automatic transactions. Here is a list to get you started:
Direct Deposit Automatic Withdrawals Automatic Charges to Card
Human Resources Department Mortgage Company Utility Companies
Retirement and Pension Payments Homeowner's Insurance Telephone Companies
Social Security Administration Auto Insurance Cable Company
Other Life Insurance Other

4.  Close down old accounts

  • Make sure your old account is active long enough to allow outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals to clear through 
  • Destroy your old checks, debit cards and deposit slips

Make the Change. We Make it Easy for You!

Additional Resources:

Branch Locations Closing Account Form
Inquire Form Direct Deposit Change Form
Switch Kit Automatic Withdrawal Change Form

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