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Kelley Family Testimonial


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After a handshake at the farm over 20 years ago, the Kelley's relationship with Iowa State Savings Bank has grown significantly. Read why the entire Kelley family chose to partner with Iowa State Savings Bank.

I see them as a partner

“It’s always been a good partnership. From the day we started until now, nothing has changed. They understand agriculture really well, and that’s important to us. They understand what we’re doing out here and the needs that we have. I don’t see them as a banker, I see them as a partner.

We involve Iowa State Savings Bank as much as we can. I’ve called Kevin different times to get his opinion and talk through scenarios. We value their input. They have always treated us with respect and are a very friendly bank to work with.

Our operation has grown a lot since we started at ISSB. Now we’ve brought the kids in and helped them switch to Iowa State Savings Bank. We’ve only had satisfied customers in our group. The bank has treated us really well, and we try to do the same. I hope it can continue into the next generation.” – Russell & Sharon Kelley

“It’s more than the farm, it’s everything. I got married and my family is growing, and the bank has been there to help with all of our needs. They helped me go from renting my house to owning a home, helped refinance our property, and build a shed. They’ve really helped our whole family.” – Chad & Denise Kelley

“We switched our whole operation over to Iowa State Savings Bank and I couldn’t believe how easy and beneficial it was. We talked about switching over for a long time but didn’t want the hassle of moving everything. We moved our operation, home, car, pretty much everything. They were quick and well prepared. It was really simple and not complicated at all.” – Jesse & Stacy Claiser

Kelsie made her first car loan with Iowa State Savings Bank this year. She is the third generation of the Kelley family to choose Iowa State Savings Bank. “I was really nervous, and ISSB definitely made it a lot more comforting for me.” – Kelsie Claiser

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