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Tripp Family Testimonial


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25 years ago, Jake Tripp needed a first-time farm loan. We built a partnership with Jake and his family that continues today. Read as Jake describes his banking relationship with ISSB.

They gained a lifelong customer“Iowa State Savings Bank was the only bank interested in doing a first-time farm loan. This was my first major loan, and with the flexibility and ease of the process they gained a lifelong customer.

ISSB is a small-town bank that is very flexible and operates with the idea of let’s work together instead of a yes or no mindset like big banks.

Roger made the home loan process easy. He was very upfront about the process, costs and what to expect. He was easy to talk to. At Iowa State Savings Bank there are no hidden costs, and the interest rate is very competitive, which is a big deal for me.

I’ve also worked with Emily through the auto loan process. It’s nice to call up and ask about a loan and they start the process right away.

All their staff is very friendly. Everyone calls me by name when I go into all the branches. I would highly recommend ISSB to others.

It’s community banks like ISSB that make small towns thrive.

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