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A dad researching home refinance options at his local bank in the comfort of his home with his young daughter helping.

Refinancing Possibilities

Refinancing your home can be intimidating. The rewards to refinancing your home can be incredible! We'll help draw a map to meet your financial goals. Let the Refinancing Adventure Begin!

Step 1 - Explore

Refinancing your home can be a great way to increase your cash flow and meet your financial goals. 

Traditional Refinance

Agree on new terms and interest rates for the remaining amount of your mortgage.

A great opportunity to:

  • Lock in a lower interest rate than your current mortgage
  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Shorten the term of your mortgage

Cash-Out Refinance

Refinance your current mortgage and turn your home's equity into cash.

A great opportunity to:

  • Access cash for large purchases, projects or important life events
  • Lock in a lower rate than your current mortgage

Why Refinance?

There are several opportunities available when you choose to refinance your home.

  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Pay off your mortgage sooner
  • Get cash back
  • Build equity in your home faster

Key Considerations

Deciding to refinance your home is a big decision. Here are some key things to consider before refinancing your home.

  • Are interest rates lower than your current rate?
  • Do you plan to own your home for at least the next few years?
  • Has the value of your home gone up and you want to utilize your home's equity?
  • Have you been in your home for just a few years?

If you answered yes to just one of these questions, refinancing might be a great option for you. 

Step 2 - Calculate

Will you save money by refinancing now? How long will you need to own your home to break even? Answer these questions using our Mortgage Refinance Calculator.

Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Step 3 - Apply

You've done your research, ran the numbers and are ready to begin the refinancing process. To get started, apply online or contact us to learn more.

Apply Online


Step 4 - Relax

As your partner, we'll guide you every step of the way to make sure your refinancing process is as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

Meet Your Refinancing Team

Step 5 - Celebrate

Congratulations, you've arrived at your destination! Let the celebration begin.